Vom Wasser getragen. Von der Musik verwöhnt.


Diving into new worlds

The saltwater pool offers a unique highlight, where you can relax in a pleasant atmosphere. Float in body-warm, salty water. Immerse yourself in the fascinating sounds of underwater music and recharge your batteries for body and soul.

Let go of the stress of everyday life. Lying in the water you can feel the music on your body. You will be carried by the brine water. Your mind relaxes through the gentle vibrations and sounds of the underwater music.

Gesundheitsfördernde Wirkungen unseres Solebeckens:

- Anregung des Stoffwechsels
- Entlastung von Muskeln, Gelenken und der Wirbelsäule
- Förderung der Hautdurchblutung
- Besserung rheumatischer Erkrankungen