Aqua Salza - Infrarot Kabine


your time-out
in our SPA

Aqua Salza - Sauna Außenbereich


from everyday life

Aqua Salza - Erdsauna


for your senses

Aqua Salza - Sauna Paradies


live and relax

Aqua Salza - Sole Becken


into other worlds




Salt rub The fine aromatic sea salt cleanses and refreshes the skin in a gentle way. The essential oils provide the soothing revitalization of the skin.
Organic honey rub The blossom honey has a strengthening, disinfecting effect on the skin and stimulates the metabolism.
Hot cold rub An ointment with sea salt soaked in rubbing alcohol and menthol. It has a sharp, very cooling effect on the skin. And is very good for the respiratory system.
Nice as Cleopatra rub (for ladies only) Every lady gets a spoonful of sauna scent with fruit scent for the face and décolleté to massage in, we distribute the hot steam aesthetically and make the ladies swarm with red lighting. Afterwards each lady receives a glass of buttermilk for the inner beauty.Mental Sauna



Relax sauna ceremony Is a light relaxation infusion with singing bowls or music. Natural fragrances pamper your senses. The singing bowl beats or the music between each round let you really relax and unwind.
Cosmopolitan Energizeise sauna ceremony
(for ladies only)
Each lady gets a cold gel during the infusion to streamline the eye area, the room is wrapped in beautiful musical sounds, we pour in three light laps with a lime scent and gently distribute the warm air. Each lady then receives a Cosmopolitan piece of ice for refreshment in the form of an ice cube on a stick for consumption.



Herbal sauna ceremony A mountain herbal tea is prepared and it is poured in 3 rounds, first we rub with oil.



Wenik sauna ceremony Wenik`s are oaks or birch branches. This will spread water over the hot stones. And it unfolds the wonderful aroma of oak or birch leaves. It is waxed with the wenik`s. 6:00 pm “Vital” means there will be a refreshing drink afterwards! 8:00 pm “Alpine Slowness” means deceleration infusion without light with special music.
Celts Wenik sauna ceremony Just like the Wenik infusion only thematically Celtic with celtic throne and beautiful Celtic music. After the 3 rounds there is crushed ice and a refreshing drink for everyone. The Celtic Throne winner receives a special drink.
Vitamin fan sauna ceremony A fruity, fresh infusion in 3 rounds. The air is distributed with fans and flags. Finally, there are fresh fruits. In summer still a Kneippguss in the garden.
Seawater flags sauna ceremony During infusion, sea salt is dissolved in the water in addition to the pungent aroma. This creates a light brine mist during infusion. The salty air has a positive effect on the respiratory system. A refreshment brings ice after the last round in the garden.
Tropical rain Vitamin sauna ceremony The tropical fruity infusion with a very fine misted rain between each round, the temperature can affect you more. A refreshment brings ice after the last round and cool fruit to the end, in addition, we refresh our guests in the summer with a cold Kneippguss in the garden.
Fire and Ice sauna ceremony
(alternative: pine sauna)
One of the hottest infusions. It is infused with ice and the sauna masters take care of the fire. Everyone gets ice cubes for their feet and an icing sugar before.
Aroma fragrance sauna ceremony
(alternative: fire sauna)
This sauna ceremony poils you with a sensual aroma. From fruity – sweet to mint or eucalyptus.
Aprés-Ski sauna ceremony
(alternative: Fire Sauna)
In this sauna ceremony you will enjoy changing scents fragrances in three rounds. At the end you will get a schnapps.
Aqua Salza special show sauna ceremony In this special sauna ceremony, they are kidnapped into another world, they feel in the darkness with all the senses the heat, fragrance, light, music and so on. Let yourself be enchanted.



Refreshing sauna ceremony The circulation is stimulated during the infusion and revives your sensations. A mixture of rubbing alcohol and menthol or a refreshing gel for the body to rub in additionally supports this effect.
Short but well done This infusion pampers you with a sensual aroma of the stone pine. In just one intense round, we’ll make you sweat. With ice cream graduation!
Breath-free chocolate-mint sauna ceremony (alternative: fire sauna) First, we breathe deeply with Ice Bit’s, then we pamper them with the unusual scent of sweet chocolate and spicy mint in 3 rounds. Thereafter, each guest receives a chilled sweet surprise as a reward for holding out.
Ice sauna ceremony (alternatively: fire sauna) This infusion is infused only with ice and various flavors. This leads to a strong increase in humidity. Very hot infusion. Everyone gets an icing sugar first.
Salt sauna ceremony An infusion in 2 times 2 rounds. After the first 2 rounds rub the body with salt (mixture of sea salt and essential oils). Then relax with the salt distributed on the skin back to the sauna for the next 2 rounds.
Surprise sauna ceremony (alternative: mountain sauna or steam bath and fire sauna) This infusion spoils you with small surprises and sensual flavors. Depending on the season changing themes: From schnapps, alpine, pure natural, fire, fan, oil to Russian immersion infusion, pop, biscuit or Glühweinaufguss everything is possible.
Citrus fruit sauna ceremony (alternative: fire sauna) After the first round of sweat with different citrus fragrances we divide small pieces of lemon, which you can suck off in the mouth during the next two rounds, Sauer makes fun.
Aroma watering cans sauna ceremony (alternatively: fire sauna) This hot infusion spoils you with a sensual aroma. From fruity – sweet to mint, or eucalyptus. With the watering can we distribute the water on the hot stones! Very hot infusion. Then we refresh ourselves with a Franzbranntwein to rub in the shower.



Orchestra apple sauna ceremony After the first round of bumps with different apple fragrances, we divide our small pieces of apple, which can enjoy close to two rounds. Wonderful dominant organ music makes this infusion a unique experience. After the first sweat round with many small apple jets that we can enjoy near round runes. Wonderful, dominant orchestral music makes this infusion a unique experience.
Concorde Deluxe sauna ceremony This sauna ceremony in 3 rounds takes you back to the time when you could still fly with supersonic. With thematic music and a great show program, time flies by. Because we travel at high altitude, we are not only hot, but also cold.
Gollinger Bioduft tea sauna ceremony This sauna ceremony spoils you with a sensual organic aroma. From fruity – sweet to mint, or eucalyptus. Then we refresh ourselves with a glass of tea in the fresh air and breathe in the purity of the Gollinger air really nice deep.
Fan sauna ceremony This sauna ceremony spoils you with a sensual aroma. From fruity – sweet to mint or eucalyptus. Due to the calmness of the hot air we feel the infusion as very relaxing but very hot.
Expedition Titanic sauna ceremony This sauna ceremony in 3 rounds takes you back to 1912 on the RMS Titanic. With enchanting music and a great show program, you will surely get into raptures. Let yourself be enchanted.
Gösser natural cyclist sauna ceremony This sauna ceremony spoils you with a sensual aroma of beer and fruit scents. After the 3 round infusion, the beer brand will leave for the bar, where a refreshing Gösser nature cyclist awaits us.