Sauna brooch

Dear visitors of the sauna landscape of the Aqua Salza. We are pleased to welcome you as guests in our oasis of tranquility. For the duration of your stay we will take your individual wishes and preferences into consideration. Your time with us should be completely under the sign of our slogan:

"feel naturally at ease".

For this we need your help. Our sauna and wellness paradise is a place of mutual consideration and courteous cooperation. Our sauna guide points out a few points to ensure that all our guests have an unforgettable time.

Behaviour during infusions

The infusions are carried out exclusively by our trained employees. We kindly ask you to consider the need for rest of the other guests during the ceremony.

Reservation of couches and seats

We attach great importance to the considerate use of reclining areas and seating options. Our employees are requested to vacate reserved seats above a certain occupancy level. In this way we enable all our guests to use the berths.

Mobile phone, camera and tablet

During your stay at Aqua Salza we kindly ask you to refrain from using your mobile phone, filming and photographing.

Dress code

The use of the saunas, steam baths and sauna pools is only permitted unclothed. In all other areas we ask you to wear a large towel (covering the body) or a bathrobe. This applies especially to the restaurant and in the rest and recreation areas.

Food and drinks

Our restaurant offers you excellent food and drinks at a reasonable price. We cordially invite you as our guest to take advantage of this offer. Please do not bring your own food and drinks.

Exchange of affection

We are happy for every new love and every happy couple. Please also respect the wishes of the other guests and limit the exchange of caresses to kissing. If your visit to us has animated you, you can continue your pleasant day at home.

Children in the sauna

A lot of yelling is in the future. Children want to experience something and play in water. Our adventure pool is excellently equipped for this. Please keep in mind that our sauna area is especially designed to meet the rest needs of our guests.

Personal belongings

Our lockable compartments are available for your personal belongings and valuables. These can be secured with a key and/or chip. Please wear your chip/key on your wrist.