Aqua Salza - Infrarot Kabine


your time-out
in our SPA

Aqua Salza - Sauna Außenbereich


from everyday life

Aqua Salza - Erdsauna


for your senses

Aqua Salza - Sauna Paradies


live and relax

Aqua Salza - Sole Becken


into other worlds


Dear visitors of the aqua salza spa and sauna,

we are pleased to welcome you in our oasis of well-being. For the time of your stay we will give our best to fulfill your wishes and needs. The time of your stay should be themed ?natural wellbeing / natural wellness”.

Therefor we need your help. Our sauna- and spaworld ist a place of thoughtfulness and reserved behaviour towards each other. Our sauna guidebook gives some hints that guarantee for a nice stay for everyone.

Behaviour during sauna ceremonies While scented water is sprinkeld over the hot stones in the sauna oven by our qualified staff, we kindly ask you to be quiet and respect the need of a quiet atmosphere.
Retaining chairs and beds It is very important for us to encourage our guests to a thoughtful behaviour concerning our chairs and beds. Our staff is told to remove towels or bags from chairs and beds if there is a shortage of space. This is the only way of obtaining a sufficent number of opportunities to rest and relax.
Cell phones and cameras We kindly ask you to switch off your mobile phone during the time of your stay in our spa area. Please do not bring cameras into the spa and do not use other electronic devices to take pictures or movies.
Dress Code Before using the sauna, steam baths and cold water pools take off all of your clothes. In this area it is usual to be naked. For the rest of the spa (especially restaurant, relaxing areas) we ask you to wrap up in a big towel or bath robe to cover up.
Food and drinks from outside Our restaurant offers a great variety of reasonably priced food and beverages. We invite you to use this facility and ask you not to bring food and drinks from outside.
Caressing and intimate contact We are happy to see people in love and couples. To prevent any misunderstanding reduce intimate contact with your partner to kissing. Other guests might feel uncomfortable if you exchange caresses. Please be thoughtful and respect other peoples requirements.
Children inside the spa Children are our future and children Want to have fun and play in the water. Our waterpark is perfect to meet childrens demands. Our spa is a place of quietness and calm. Please notice, that most people visit a spa to relax and rest.
Personal valuables We provide lockers for your personal items. You can lock them by using your chip-bracelet. Please make sure that you keep the bracelet around your wrist.