Aqua Salza - Infrarot Kabine


your time-out
in our SPA

Aqua Salza - Sauna Außenbereich


from everyday life

Aqua Salza - Erdsauna


for your senses

Aqua Salza - Sauna Paradies


live and relax

Aqua Salza - Sole Becken


into other worlds


  1. Dont use the sauna when you are starving or when you’ve just eaten. Have a little Snack, like a frech salad, before you get started.
  2. Before you start with the sauna, take a walk around the spa to see the different baths and saunas. Once you have decided, which sauna you want to choose, take a quick shower to clean your skin and towel yourself off.
  3. Now you are ready to enjoy your sauna experience. Dont forget about your towel. Use it to sit on it and due to hygienic reasons avoid any sweat on the benches in the sauna.
  4. Choose a seat in the sauna but be aware that the upper rows are much hotter than the lower ones. If it is you first sauna experience, you might choose a lower row to sit in.
  5. If there is enough space to lie down in the sauna, be aware that you might sufferfrom dizzyness when you stand up too quickly. Prevent this by standing up slowly or remaining in a seated position before you stand up.
  6. A sauna ceremony (Aufguss) lasts between 10 and 15 minutes. Dont forceyourself to stay in the sauna when you have the feeling that you Want to get out. Dont hesitate to leave the sauna anytime you dont feel good!
  7. If you leave the sauna, dont go straight to the showers. Give your body a chance to cool down. Go outside to get some fresh air.
  8. After a short cooldown, you can have a shower. If you feel like using the dip-tank please shower before you get in.
  9. Using a sauna is a benefit to your health if the cooldown afterwards is sufficent. Use the cold showers and dip-tanks to refresh your body.
  10. Don’t drink alcohol when you are planning to go into a sauna. We suggest to drink a sufficient amount of mineral water to prevent dehydration.