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your time-out
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Aqua Salza - Sauna Außenbereich


from everyday life

Aqua Salza - Erdsauna


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Aqua Salza - Sauna Paradies


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Aqua Salza - Sole Becken


into other worlds


Our sauna and spa-paradise stands for a high end embodiment of a relaxed andrevitalizing environment. Being our guest you can experience ceremonies of sweating and cleaning your mind and soul.

Feel the stress relief after having a sauna and enjoy the wellness. We invite you to consciously enjoy the wellbeing of your body and improvement of your health.

Relax in our spacious spa, take a sauna and find your own way to improve your personal wellness and health.

Temperatures of the pools

Outdoor pool, 30° C
Whirlpool, 35° C
Brine pool, 33° C

The sauna nights

Visit Aqua salza and be a part of this unique event . Different themes provide a unforgettable and unique experience within every visit. Visit our photogallery

Ground Floor

Infusion sauna 85-95 ° C The infusion sauna has about 85 ° C and between 8-30% rel. humidity. In the classic log sauna, alternating infusions and salt and glowing ceremonies with natural oils and extracts take place. These cause an intense climate and enhance the positive properties of the sauna.
Mental Sauna 55° C The mental sauna has about 55 ° C and about 30% rel. humidity. Through the body-formed couches, the word “relaxation” in this sauna takes on a completely new meaning. The pleasant climate causes sweating to be delayed but not less intense. The starry sky will make her dream. Also, at certain times, mental infusions take place.
Herbal steam bath 45 ° C In the herbal sauna expect about 45 ° C and about 98% rel. humidity. Cleopatra already knew this and even among the Romans this sauna was an integral part of the bathing culture. Heated walls and seats, a pleasant temperature and the high humidity and the interplay of various herbal fragrances provide a pleasant relaxation.
Eucalyptus steam bath 55 ° C It is very humid in the eucalyptus steam bath at about 55 ° C and about 98% rel. humidity. With honey and salt rubs you can relax properly. Even the ancient Greeks used such a steam bath for internal and external cleaning. With every rub, we enchant you with a towel “Wedelshow”. The pleasant temperature as well as the high humidity and the intensive inhalation of the eucalyptus and other intensive fragrances provide for their well-being.
Regenstein Sauna 60° C In the Regenstein sauna with about 60 ° C heat and about 40% rel. humidity awaits you a particularly well-tolerated combination of sauna and steam bath with an ideal climate to relax and dream. The mild temperature protects the circulation and nourishes the skin and hair.
steambath 45° C
saltwaterpool 46 m² water area
cold dip tank 5,6 m² water area
kneipp-tank 5,5 m² water area
feet-warming basin
ice fountain
tropical showers
adventure showers
chill-out-zone with waterbeds
whirlpool (34° C)
cold plunge pool (18° C)
heated loungers
foot basin for changing baths


sauna-restaurant to seat 110 Persons
cornmon area with 20 canvas chairs
sun terrace
wellness & beauty 3 rooms for massage, 1 hamam- room, 1 thairoom, 1 steambath, 1 kaiserbath, 1 softpack chair room, 1 treatment room, 2 sunbeds
infrared cabin The radiant heat of the infrared cabin penetrates into the tissue. As a result, it warms your body from the inside out and only at a maximum of 45 ° C. These comparatively low temperatures have a positive effect on your skin and your circulation.